aug 01, 2019

🎉 our first celebration 

a small stepping-stone of success: 1,000 followers on instagram. it reminds us that we’ve grown a lot in our first two years. in honor, we’re getting a tad nostalgic and recapping ten of the firsts that got us here.

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jul 22, 2019

the creator of project stopshop: elizabeth illing

we won’t make changes unless we know the facts and elizabeth is making it easy to know right from wrong when it comes to fast fashion. she does so with style by creating tags we see on our clothing with alternative text, unveiling the ways we get our clothes. it's quirky, it's shocking, and we think it works. 

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jul 17, 2019

unspun ambassador: carla

"i think for a long time i didn’t know how to approach dressing myself. my height and proportions don’t match the standard sizes at many stores. not fitting in most clothes can be very frustrating and demotivating. dressing yourself is a daily act, so important, yet not something that we're always taught how to do." - carla

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jun 20, 2019

unspun ambassador: nicole erthein

what questions did we forget to ask you? "the sizing aspect of unspun is really important. it makes such a difference, it changes the entire experience of shopping for jeans."

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mar 28, 2019

unspun 101: defining #perfectfit

at unspun we’re boasting #sizefree and #perfectfit jeans (and as someone who just got her first pair, it’s the gosh darn truth)! but perfect fit isn’t what you’re thinking...

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mar 28, 2019

unspun ambassador: ericka

what's next for erika? "i envision my thirties as an extension of the internal work i put in during my twenties." energetic but balanced, erika believes that self-love will be the thread that links it all together. what do you think?

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mar 19, 2019

psa: why are we still calling them skinny jeans?

there’s zero indication as to where exactly the term ‘skinny jeans’ came from. when you look for synonyms of skinny you get some pretty unflattering words. skinny insinuates so much to the customer. “i fit,” is supposed to be a “good” thing. “i don’t fit,” means you don’t fit in. so... why are we still calling them skinny jeans?

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mar 13, 2019

unspun ambassador: flora

flora is a spunky punch of a person. no, seriously, she can throw a mean uppercut. we spent the day with her at our last photoshoot and she taught us a lot. learn about flora's take on balance and love.

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mar 13, 2019

unspun ambassador: justin

justin says if you take yourself too seriously you'll have a heart attack. we agree. get inspired by our ambassador justin smith. read about his mission and his favourite denim unspun jeans

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feb 12, 2019

unspun ambassador: april denise

april is the first ambassador we worked with to create our three classic fits:
launch, mission and offline. she's a singin' and dancin' lady on a mission.

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jan 30, 2019

unspun passport: china

no, this is not a screenshot of your favourite sci-fi movie. bring your denim unspun jeans on an exploration to the otherworldly architectures in china - discover how architects fuse nature and human society, in the hopes of creating better communities while appreciating the beauty of nature.

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jan 9, 2019

bettering the planet &
advancing denim jeans

meet allison sherman: sustainable fashionista, vegan, adventurer. join us as the blogger shares about her unique denim unspun experience, and how denim unspun, with advancements in on-demand denim production, strives for a betterment of the planet.

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dec 7, 2018

unspun adventures issue 01

as 2018 is coming to a close, our team has continued to spread our excitement as well as obstacles in building a zero-waste apparel future with unspun. take a look at what we've done, what we've planned for the year ahead and what we've been inspired by.

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nov 7, 2018

reshape the ideology of fashion pt. 2

continuing from their tips on identifying a sustainable brand, diane and lena give us their story of what motivated them to promote sustainable fashion buying, and how we can take part in the fashion transformation.

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oct 3, 2018

reshape the ideology of fashion pt. 1

diane and lena is committed to reshape our ideology of fashion. It’s not just another cheap, trendy clothing that we are wearing, it’s a significant cost to the environment and to our future.

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jul 20, 2018

the future of apparel

"our clothing industry is incredibly wasteful yet people tend to turn a blind eye to its negative impact. We’ve learned how incredibly harmful the industry is to our environment, and we’ve decided to only purchase, if ever necessary, from sustainable businesses like unspun tech. We also make our own clothing and save all our scraps for pillow stuffing." said sarah & tony.

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