two hundred dollars?

We have heard this question before! And given the prices in the stores around us every day, it's a valid question.

The thing is... traditional jeans aren't actually cheaper. The planet and other people are just paying the price. 

unspun jeans are $200 because they are completely unique and bespoke to you, based around your digital avatar and personalizations. Each jean is sewn one at a time. This is not mass manufacturing, run-of-the-mill, where a huge stack of fabric can be cut for hundreds of pants in one go. Instead, no two unspun jeans are the same: they are custom-fit for you using 3D computational tailoring and custom-made one at a time based on your personalizations. unspun jeans also are made with meticulously-sourced, high-quality materials and built with robust, thorough construction. And a guarantee that they will fit and last. Although it should be the norm everywhere, we pay a fair living wage to all workers, and promote an inclusive and sustainable future through our work.

Why is the price of unspun jeans a fraction of traditional bespoke jeans? We automate the pattern-making process, and we do all pattern-making digitally around your 3D avatar. This means that we avoid many hours of manual labor in pattern-making and are able to reduce the number of jeans made for you to one (rather than many iterations) since your jean fit has already been verified through the computer. (Though for any reason the jeans are not your new favorites, you can fall back on our free return pledge.)

unspun jeans are 1/5 of what you pay for a phone that you may renew every year, and these jeans are built with the same level of technological sophistication. 

price breakdown

cost breakdown

traditional bespoke jeansunspun jeanstraditional jeans
materials$35 (3 iterations)$30$2.50
labor$96 (3 iterations)$32$2.50
unsold inventoryN/AN/A$7