psa: why are we still calling them skinny jeans?

there’s zero indication as to where exactly the term ‘skinny jeans’ came from. cowboys and marilyn monroe started wearing ‘cigarette or slim-fit’ jeans in the 50’s, revitalizing the trend of tight pants that was once an emblem of high-class status in europe. this was back in the 1800’s and they called them ‘pantaloons,’  which is quite honestly more PC and more fun than using the term: skinny, to describe an item of clothing.

when you look for synonyms of skinny you get some pretty unflattering words like, scrawny, scraggly, and rawboned. rawboned?! who wants that. skinny insinuates so much to the customer. “i fit,” is supposed to be a “good” thing. “i don’t fit,” means you don’t fit in.

…and i hope you don’t think i’m just talking to the ladies with this one.

“everything a man needs to know when buying skinny jeans,”

there’s waaaay more online about male hesitation in buying skinny jeans than women. the articles say that skinny jeans are feminine and too tight for male packages. they claim that there’s science to prove that skinny jeans are unhealthy for your body! articles titled: “can grown men wear skinny jeans,” to “do girls like men in skinny jeans,” to “everything a man needs to know when buying skinny jeans"... the list goes on.

sounds like a lot of commotion over a piece of clothing. a reasonable conclusion i've come to is: it’s all in the name. 

at unspun we’re #sizefree. we conduct 3D body scans in a matter of seconds, input your unique metrics into software we’ve created and ultimately produce perfect fitting jeans. one of our intentions in being #sizefree is to quiet the conversations intrinsic in buying - the dialogues that are quite often not true to us to begin with. 

“skinny jeans” have nothing to do with body size or gender. they’re a cut of jean that’s fit to form (whatever form that is!) from hip to ankle. we want you to look at them for what they are, a pair of pants that speaks based on your personal expression when choosing to wear them.

when deciding to call them ‘launch jeans,’ we pictured a space ship taking off and the large jet streams it produces, which in a funny way look like legs! we liked the way the image felt: powerful. style is your decision, a statement from you to the world and therein lies the power the world needs. 


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