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[ for good not evil ]

We’re at the dawn of what technology can do. In order for technology to provide solutions and stay relevant, it must better the human experience. That means making makes us healthier, smarter, happier people. unspun uses technology for good to change the wasteful methods of manufacturing garments. We’re a product and the solution to customer and company pain points.

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in-orbit 10

We’re celebrating two years since we became a Global Change Award early-bird recipient. This was a pivotal moment for us. [read on]

unspun people [flora]

Flora is a spunky punch of a person. No, seriously, she can throw a mean uppercut. We spent the day with her at our last photoshoot and she taught us a lot. [read on]

unspun passport [China]

No, this is not a screenshot of your favorite sci-fi movie. Bring your denim unspun jeans on an exploration to the otherworldly architectures in china - discover how architects fuse nature and human society, in the hopes of creating better communities while appreciating the beauty of nature. [read on]

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