unspun 101: defining #perfectfit

hint: it’s not what you think!

remember when a tweet showing "size 12" jeans in vastly different proportions went viral? inconsistencies and sentiments of frustration have become the standard; “standardized” sizing has been a myth from the beginning.

at unspun we’re boasting #sizefree and #perfectfit jeans (and as someone who just got her first pair, it’s the gosh darn truth)! but perfect fit isn’t what you’re thinking...

at unspun we follow a formula that's based on body scanning technology which gathers bountiful data particular to you. we’re not personal tailors, who typically take a few measurements to create a design; we’re custom designers. we use the metrics from the body scan to create a you sized computer character. we then wrap this character in digital denim with software we've developed. this method eliminates standardization of any kind by considering each and every small detail particular to you. therefore, the jeans we create are the most accurate and appealing to your shape. the strong calves you’ve earned from running uphill, or the love skin leftover from childbirth - it’s all part of the design.

basically, market standards don’t apply to our processes, we’re off the map in uncharted territory.

check points for perfect fit


    the waistband pertains to the three styles we make.

    launch - tight and taut.
    mission - secure and close-fitting.
    offline - relaxed but, fixed.


    all styles follow your hip shape closely. how close depends on the style of pant you choose. 


    we don’t shy away from butts and neither should you! 

    our styles avoid sag of any sort and instead, well, fit.

    for women, we follow booty details closely for a flattering, well-rounded look. for men, we gather the overall shape, for a subtle pronunciation. 


    launch jeans have the tightest cuff fit to form all the way down your leg.

    mission and offline have a looser ankle area. this creates a clean, straight line from thigh to ankle that highlights design rather than relying solely on the body for shape.

    it’s important to remember, the way your jeans arrive isn’t necessarily how they’ll settle or adapt over their life cycle. if they’re initially too loose, wash and dry them. unspun jeans are different and require some time to feel. custom fit nestles around the body, after a few wears you’ll notice it. our jeans are designed for comfort and functionality, each mark we consider aims to increase these values so, trust and believe they’re imprinted in the jeans we’ve made for you; stand in the mirror and revel in the fact that nobody else on the planet has the jeans you’re wearing - nobody else is you!


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