a quick chat with the creator of project stopshop

a social media empire elizabeth illing built to expose fast fashion

Jul 9, 2019

with elizabeth illing

we won’t make changes unless we know the facts and elizabeth is making it easy to know right from wrong when it comes to fast fashion. she does so with style by creating tags we see on our clothing with alternative text, unveiling the ways we get our clothes. it's quirky, it's shocking, and we think it works. 

elizabeth's story:

tell us about yourself:

e: i’m a 25 year old creative living in south london and i'm currently working as an exhibition and set designer. i began project stopshop as part of my final project at university, where i studied fashion promotion. i decided i should create a visually interesting anti-fast fashion campaign. i wanted to approach the topic from a new angle to grab peoples' attention.

what is the worst “craving” in the fashion industry for both businesses and buyers?

the worst craving is the need for everything to be so incredibly cheap and fast at all stages of the garment production and sale.

what does sizefree mean to you?

"a system which enables the customer to have a garment created specifically for them, or a garment where one size is suitable for all."

.what is your favorite piece of clothing you own? does it have a story?

e: my favorite piece of clothing is a pastel yellow woolen jumper that my grandma knitted for herself decades ago - and now it fits me perfectly. it's timeless!

what changes are consumers demanding that the industry hasn’t caught up to yet?

e: many consumers are now demanding the need for transparency - people want to know where their clothes have come from and retailers are often reluctant, or even unable to trace this path and be open with this information.

"the need for transparency."

jeans are one of the most wasteful products in fashion. we’re in business to change that. what are your thoughts on unspun’s production model?

e: this production model has so many important elements which need to be implemented by other clothing companies. i think that within the next few years the use of technology (like the zero waste weaving machine) will become more and more common. it’s brilliant when brands begin initiatives like this and very important to get the ball rolling. change in the industry must happen fast!

will fashion save the planet?

e: in many cases fashion is unfortunately having the opposite effect and destroying the planet! but i believe that the numbers of people gaining awareness of these issues is definitely growing, i really hope that...

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