can we make your new favorite jeans?

We need your help in repping the change the world needs: intentional production, thoughtful consumption, inclusive methods, and sustainable, regenerative practices - all in damn good-looking jeans.

why will these be your new favorite jeans?

Choose what you want - style, fabric, thread, hem, rise - for an exclusive personalized design.

These jeans are the perfect fit. They are designed digitally around your 3D avatar before they are even made.

We source from only the best fabric mills (Evlox, Prosperity, & Candiani), and our quality is impeccable.

what we stand for


More than 100 billion garments are made each year, and nearly 60% of that goes to landfill within a year. (!!!) By eliminating the inventory model, our tech can save tens of billions of garments from waste each year. We only make what you want.


And what’s cool about making only what you first buy is that we can then make you the absolute perfect pair of jeans because the jeans are both personalized and custom-fit to you. By going size-free, our tech can make everyone feel and actually be included, and dare we say catered to.


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