STEP one: customise your jeans

  • Head over to our product pages and start customizing your jeans. 
  • You can customize and select your preferred style, fabric, thread colour, hem length and waist height. 
  • Once you have made your selection, place your order and head to step 2.

STEP two: phone scan

  • After your order is placed, you will receive an email with a code that you can use to link your scan to your order.
  • Once you have your code, you will need 5 minutes, an iPhone, and the in3D app installed. As you follow the scanning steps within the in3D app you will be prompted to enter the scan code you received in your email.
  • Having trouble finding your code? No problem! Make sure you use the same email in the in3D app that you used with your order. Then, after you scan, scroll down to the "shop unspun" link within the in3D app.

STEP three: love your jeans

  • Once you've placed your order and scanned, your work is done.
  • From here, you can leave it up to us. You will receive your jeans in 3-4 weeks.

Get ready to love your jeans!