carla gonzales

17 jul, 2019

unspun ambassador

carla “i see myself keeping my unspun jeans for a very, very long time.”

unspun: tell us about yourself

cg: hi! my name is carla gonzales. i’m a product designer working and living in san francisco.

unspun: when's the last time you felt out of this world?

cg: last year, several friends and i went to india to celebrate two friends getting married in mumbai. it was a wonderful trip full of laughs, culture, and appreciation for friendship.

unspun: launch, mission, or offline?

cg: mission, though now i want to try the other two styles!

unspun: with what shoes?

cg: any type, these pants look great with heels or sneakers.

unspun: what does #sizefree mean to you?

cg: it means that pant sizing is one less thing to worry about for the rest of my life.

unspun: what do you love about your unspun jeans?

cg: they are made for me! they fit so well and let me just be. when clothes are uncomfortable, not only is that unpleasant, but it makes you feel like you don’t fit in that moment, wherever you are. feeling comfortable is very freeing, it allows you to be yourself!

unspun: what about them makes you want to wear jeans again?

cg: comfort and style. it’s a cut that fits many occasions (for work or fun). i see myself keeping my unspun jeans for a very, very long time.

early morning


late night

cg: early morning, as long as i had a good night sleep.




cg: hot, warm, cozy, fuzzy!

unspun: tell us about your childhood and about yourself!

cg: i was born and raised in peru at a time when my country was going through a lot of stress and instability. in spite of that, i had a very happy childhood. my family and i moved to the us almost two decades ago when i was 19 years old, looking for better opportunities like most immigrants. we have lived in california ever since. we like it here, what’s not to like about california, right? i studied design for both undergrad (graphic design, in la) and grad (product design, here in the bay area) and currently work at a software company. on my free time i like to draw and make things by hand. the visual arts are my main creative outlet, since that’s what i’m most trained in, but i also enjoy dabbling in three dimensional mediums like ceramics, sewing, and woodworking. i’m an introvert and my work and hobbies let me express myself and maintain a balance between being a quiet person, yet sharing my thoughts and opinions with others.

unspun: why did you choose to become a designer?

cg: design is a lot about communication and having a conversation with your audience, as well as attention to detail. i like to think i have a good combination of imagination, storytelling, patience, and execution skills to make ideas manifest in the world. i also like the fact that design is a wide field that intersects with others like technology and art. it makes for an always changing discipline that i can see myself working in for a long time.

unspun: what do you do by day and by night?

cg: by day, i'm a product designer at slack (the work collaboration app), enjoying every minute of what it means to work for a startup in silicon valley. by night, i spend a lot of my free time drawing and working on side projects that are much closer to my personal opinion and aesthetic.

unspun: what inspires your work?

cg: my day work is inspired by wanting to make our users' working lives better every day. my personal work is inspired by my life experiences, craft, and the folk arts. i also love art history and visiting museums.

unspun: tell us about a recent project you’ve done:

cg: recently, i've been focused on discovering new visual styles for my work. i’ve been trying to develop a routine where i do a little bit of personal exploration every day, even if it’s just 15 or 20 minutes in the morning before going to work. it’s worked out better than i expected! i don’t like forcing rituals that may fail, so for me, it’s a matter of experimenting until i find a routine and cadence that feels right. 

unspun: tell us about one of your defining works:

cg: i don’t think i have a specific defining work to reference but, perhaps the work that i did in grad school is a good example of a period of time and a body of work that taught me a lot about my creative fears and voice as a designer.

what questions were you hoping we’d ask you, that we forgot to?

i think for a long time i didn’t know how to approach dressing myself. my height and proportions don’t match the standard sizes at many stores. not fitting in most clothes can be very frustrating and demotivating. dressing yourself is a daily act, so important, yet not something that we're always taught how to do. i like to speak about learning to love dressing the body you have.

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