unspun passport: china

explore china's neo-futuristic architecture in your unspun jeans

jan 30, 2019

by denim unspun

welcome to the first issue of our passport series where we uncover the hidden gems of the world.
unspun appreciates the beauty of nature, believes in innovative technology, and celebrates the individuality of every human being.
through this series we hope to inspire you to preserve and explore alongside us. we're happy that you're here!

neo-futurism experiments with technology to construct never before seen forms of art. The principles of the practice are idealist. they believe that through stronger connections between societies, higher functioning cities, and aesthetic created through cutting edge technology humans will have a better quality of life. 

here are some prime examples found in china where architecture marries nature, design and technology.

harbin opera house 

harbin, heilongjiang, china

inspired by northern china's extreme winters, the harbin opera house looks as if it is sculpted by nature itself.

the clever use of silver and white, accentuated by its curves and geometrical shapes, blends the opera house into the vast snow terrain.

inside the opera house, modern white walls reflect the natural sunlight from the glass ceiling. as one wanders along the timber hallway, grand doors reveal the unusual yet harmonic theatre. 

best season to travel: winter

the high-contrast drama the snow creates in photos is unbeatable!

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stand out from the tranquil whiteness with glow black fabric.

ordos museum

ordos, inner mongolia, china

a fusion of past, present and future, the ordos museum is a true showcase of how history and advancement pace shape human society.

known as the world's largest ghost city, the abandoned ordos is thrillingly attractive. sitting regally under the bright sun, the ordos museum radiates with golden gleams. 

ahead of its own time, the interior of the museum expresses the unpredictable growth potential of ordo: a hyper-futuristic cave with bridges and voids to elevate the alienated speed of growth.

best season to travel: summer

strike a pose in the spaceship-like exhibition rooms.

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match the museum's aesthetic with space blue fabric.

tianjin binhai library

binhai, tianjin, china

are you a book nerd too? wait till you visit the tianjin binhai library. this five-story library features 1.2 million books packed neatly from the ceiling to the floor.

from the outside, the library was designed to look like an eye, metaphorically reminding visitors that reading can broaden one's perspective.

inside the impressive library, sunlight mingles with the artificial light glowing from the bookshelves. more than just an artwork, the library is created to provide a public space for leisure, research and education. 

best season to travel: spring

avoid peak season and the crowds to fully submerge in the sea of wisdom.

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where would you take your denim unspun jeans to?

stay tuned for the next stop of unspun passport!