the unspun ambassador program

unspun recruits ambassadors to help deploy our mission of protecting the planet in style. these folks advocate for fun, products made intentionally, and making choices that consider everyone. their lifestyles inspire others to do the same.

are we talking to you?
apply for our ambassador program. sign up below, or get in touch with us at:

ambassador perks
each ambassador will be given a credit: a pair of #sizefree jeans based on their 3D body scan. any alterations you need will be made prior to launching your media content. you have the ability to redeem new credits (given you’ve done your due diligence) every other quarter. vice versa, we've been known to add in extra perks for ambassadors going the extra mile!

you are asked to create no less than 1 engaging post per calendar month to share on your social media feed (no, stories don’t count). these images are high-res, clean, and personal.

wear log
this is the diary of your jeans. the wear log documents the lifecycle of your jeans, which helps us finetune our algorithms to make jeans more perfect. click here to learn more about the wear log.

extended perks
as part of the unspun family, you will be the first to hear about new products and upcoming events. you’re paving the way to a sustainable future by spreading the word to your audiences. we can’t thank you enough!

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