nicole erthein

20 jun, 2019

unspun ambassador

unspun: tell us about yourself.

n: i’m originally from vermont but went to school at scad in georgia where i met my fiancé. now we’re living in the mission, we do outdoorsy things: hiking, camping, surfing. i like to craft, knit, and make collages. for work i graphic design at a radio app. a few of my friends and i just started a bowling league, i have a bowling ball with my name on it and everything. we call ourselves the high rollers.

unspun: when’s the last time you felt out of this world?

n: this is so cliché but, when i got engaged the setting was out of this world. we were at the lantern festival in thailand. there were a million lanterns floating through the sky. when i turned around he had a ring. i was in shock and disbelief. the whole world slowed down and blurred around me.

unspun: launch, mission, or offline?

n: launch

unspun: with what shoes?

n: vans, every day.

unspun: what does #sizefree mean to you?

n: not having to worry about a number. it’s really incredible to know that i don’t have to go to three places where i'll have a different size, then deal with all of the thoughts and feelings that come with that.

unspun: what about unspun jeans differ from other jeans you own? why do you love them?

n: the concept is amazing! everyone's looking for the one brand that fits their style or body. unspun makes anything work for you. people try a brand and if they don’t work then they move on. when i think about brands, i think about all of the factors that come with it. but with unspun, it's all handled particular to me.

early morning


late night

n: late night



sea side

n: seaside

unspun: how’s your cat doing?

n: scrams! he’s so fat. he’s a cuddler. he converts the non-cat people.

unspun: you’re getting married i hear:

n: yes, in april 2020. i’ve been going hard on certain aspects of the process and we’ve got shit locked down (which you need to do or else venues aren’t available) so now it’s just details.

unspun: what are you crafting?

n: i started a quilt and it’s a beach blanket for myself. scrams loves to puke on my bed (sorry) so it’s scrappy and something simple that he can’t ruin. we have hardwood floors and he chooses my bed out of all places...!

unspun: what questions did we forget to ask you?

the sizing aspect of unspun is really important. it makes such a difference - it changes the entire experience of shopping for jeans.

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