justin smith

22 feb, 2019

unspun ambassador

justin says if you take yourself too seriously you'll have a heart attack. we agree.

unspun: you in two sentences:

js: i like to think of myself as simple and open minded. outspoken, gosh, fun even?!

unspun: when's the last time you felt out of this world?

js: i had a photoshoot in hawaii and it was an amazing experience. the people there are heart-led, everything is fresh. the word that comes to mind is: humanity.

unspun: launch, mission, or offline?

js: mission, for sure.

unspun: with what shoes?

js: jordans, all day.

unspun: what does #sizefree mean to you?

js: comfortable. inside and out.




js: irl




js: pm... as pm as it gets.

unspun: who runs the world?

we do. humans have the strongest capacity for togetherness.

unspun: what was your favorite song in middle school?

i'll be or get you home by: foxy brown.

unspun: what's your mission?

to sustain happiness. to be free. all while being responsible, of course.

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