13 mar, 2019

unspun people

flora is a spunky punch of a person. no, seriously, she can throw a mean uppercut. we spent the day with her at our last photoshoot and she taught us a lot about: balance - a bag of donuts before a day of modeling and love - she says social media is not the officiator. love is still sacred, ya'll.

unspun: you in two sentences:

flora: someone that surprises you. i'll leave the rest a mystery...

unspun: when's the last time you felt out of this world?

flora: last week when i hit a PR in a chest press... *laughs* but, when a student leaves my boxing class saying it was everything that they needed, that's the best feeling.

unspun: launch, mission, or offline?

flora: high-waisted launch.

unspun: with what shoes?

flora: timberlands.

unspun: what does unspun jeans mean to you?

flora: body positivity and inclusivity. when you don’t have size you don’t have to live your life based on size. if i didn’t have to focus on size, my god, what else could i put that energy toward?




flora: call




flora: hunter

unspun: where do you go to play outside?

pacifica beach, mori point or fort funston with my dog riley. 

unspun: what keeps you up at night?

a lot of things. i worry about my family and i want to figure out what i'm truly passionate about - i've lived a lot of my life pursuing independence and that disabled me from focusing on what i truly care about.

unspun: the future is _______?

for the collective, it's peaceful (or else we'll kill each other, right?!). people care so much about the in crowd and the out crowd that we distrust people that aren’t like us. if we got rid of that and were open to each other's weirdness then we’d all get along; like in sf where people meet at twin peaks and ride their bikes naked! we need more of that! *laughing*

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