ericka kelly

28 mar, 2019

unspun ambassador

ericka “these jeans are painted on me, they’re so perfect!”

unspun: you in two sentences:

ek: i’m energetic with balance. i’m versatile.

unspun: when's the last time you felt out of this world?

ek: at the erika badu concert. erykah badu is a whole force - she's been an idol of mine since childhood! it was my first time seeing her live, she blessed the crowd, cleansed the space with sage, all while images of the chakras played in the back. i felt like i was floating days after!

unspun: launch, mission, or offline?

ek: offline.

unspun: with what shoes?

ek: i can wear them with anything... from chunky boots to my sneakers. they’re like structured sweatpants that look great and aren’t baggy.

unspun: what does #sizefree mean to you?

ek: it means moving freely, being myself. not being restricted and not altering my activity.




ek: irl




ek: gatherer - it seems like hunters are out to kill, but i’m just about the collective and gaining experiences.

unspun: what’s the last eco-item you bought?

ek: all of my skin products are eco - including their packaging! i use a cbd infused charcoal soap from day one organic, followed by an apple-cider-vinegar based toner that i make myself. i finish the process with a bit of jojoba and vitamin e oil to moisturize and alleviate scarring.

unspun: name yourself as a crayola color:

ek: it’s also an ice cream flavor from freton's creamery, which i love… coffee cookie dream.

unspun: what was your favorite song in middle school?

ek: oh wow, it’s a horrible song, but i just remember the girls coming down the hall to it. “oochie wally” by nas.

unspun: who runs the world?

ek: girls! duh. beyonce said it best.

unspun: what’s next?

growing into my 30's. i envision my thirties as an extension of the internal work i put in during my twenties, feeling confident and secure with myself in all aspects (career, social, family, appearance, etc.). the aging process is a humbling yet, beautiful experience that not everyone gets to have. i'm feeling grateful for this life and know that as these transitions come, self-love will be the thread that links it all together. 

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