unspun is a robotics and digital apparel company building custom jeans for each consumer, on demand. Our mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% through automated, localized, and intentional manufacturing.

We also happen to make the best fitting jeans on the planet.


unspun is a techstyle brand engineering jeans from the future.

unspun is more than JUST a denim brand. We're a product and a solution. We make custom-jeans with software and a production method that we've developed. Our technology is used by other companies as an alternative to wasteful manufacturing.

We started unspun when we realized we could not find a fashion company to lead us into the regenerative, sustainable, responsible, intentional future we want, and quite frankly need.


Have you ever felt like you just don't fit the system? We've talked with thousands of people and they all feel this way.

This is why we produce jeans that are made to fit you. Not the other way around. This is possible through our 3D scan-to-custom-fit tech. Your custom jeans pattern is made by our algorithms, which means we can scale beyond the painstaking labor of manually-drafted patterns. We do not build around base patterns; instead, we start with your 3D avatar and build around it in 3D. The notion of sizes is outdated and out of style.


Over 100 billion pieces of clothing are made every year. And then what is even worse is that nearly 60% of that is trashed or burned within a year. A lot of this destruction happens because excess inventory numbers are out of control. No one can predict the future - especially not what people will want to buy, when, where, in what color, and in what size.
What would solve the problem? Don't make them and then sell them. This flips how things are done today and it allows everyone to live in harmony, including our dear planet.


Our technology uses algorithms to digitally design and perfectly fit jeans automatically around your 3D avatar. unspun developed design technology that translates a 30-second body scan into digital jeans.This completely eliminates the need for inventory and dramatically reduces the waste created by current production methods while creating a customer experience that prioritizes emotional experience over consumption.

When you shop, you choose your jean style, fabric, thread color, rise height, and hem length. Next, you take a quick body scan to get an accurate Sims-like character of you that we can design around. The software creates a pattern, which is used to make your size-free jeans.

When you purchase with unspun, you are also supporting our on-going development that pushes us toward our mission to reduce global human carbon emissions by 1%. To get there, we have developed tech that is beginning to enable a zero waste and circular fashion industry where nothing becomes trash.No joke! We are developing on-demand additive manufacturing that automatically builds your perfect jeans from your avatar. It's sci without the fi.

The world we want to live in is inclusive to all people, providing them all what they need; environmentally healthy, where the planet and people thrive together; and thoughtful to a point in which our actions are analyzed for potential effect and changed accordingly. Making these changes is urgent.

Discrimination and bias are inherently baked into the fashion industry. Sizes are built upon the concept of assumption - assuming how a body should be. There is a lot of institutional and racial bias embedded in sizing, and we need to get rid of sizes altogether and instead custom-fit products around actual people in real time.

Let's face it: the fashion industry as it stands today is massively wasteful and unintentional about product life cycles and resource use. It makes things just to throw them away. This is horrific not just for the waste created but also for the amount of resources and energy put into making the product in the first place: the production of one kilogram of fabric generates twenty-three kilograms of greenhouse gases, and garment manufacturing accounts for 20% of global industrial water pollution. 

Just one cotton t-shirt requires about 2,720 liters of water for production, about three years’ worth of drinking water for one person. We don't need to make 100 billion pieces of clothing annually and send 60% to landfill within a year. If we are going to make clothing, it should be with purpose: it should immediately have a loving home. unspun starts with a specific customer before it makes a product, not mindlessly mass manufacturing. A solution that is simultaneously without inventory, without waste, custom-fit, and circular is exciting and revolutionary. 

The current fashion industry life cycle isn’t a life cycle- it’s linear. In addition to rethinking materials, we need to reconfigure the design and production process so that end of use and circularity are actually designed into the products. The fashion industry needs to be thoughtful and intentional. The fashion industry sets the trends: it should really lead the world into becoming the world we want to live in.

In the current production and business model, everyone loses: the retailer juggles excess inventory, devastating markdowns, and waste; the factory gets pushed to make more and more for less and less; the consumer gets frustrated with having to find where they fit the product instead of where the product fits them; and the planet slowly (or not so slowly) gets destroyed by greenhouse gas emissions, never-ending waste, and toxic pollution. All this simply because we make too much stuff and we make it before anyone even wants it.

We exist to celebrate both you + your planet.


We hold community and customer events at our headquarters. From company curated custom-fit parties, to book signings, to panel discussions we design experiences that are fun, informative, and new.


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