about the glacier light wash

you may never be able to look at other washed jeans again

Denim washing has traditionally required a lot of water and toxic chemicals. The processes that brought us fun washed jeans were not so fun. Here are the unfortunate techniques used in the industry today, and why we kept far away from denim washing until now

Bleaching uses, well, bleach or other harmful chemicals like Sodium Metabisulfite, which can cause at best contact dermatitis and at worst lung cancer in workers.

Potassium Permanganate, which lightens the color, can cause pulmonary edema in workers.

Stonewashing uses pumice stones that abrade the fabric but also create a toxic residue that is especially harmful to the earth's waterways.

How did we get this beautiful wash without any harmful chemicals?

(shh, we trust you to keep this secret 🤫)

We have partnered with super wash facility Frontline Clothing Ltd., with whom we carefully selected the most advanced laundry systems. We use a Tonello machine, which recycles its water over and over and over and... you get the point.

And we only use GreenScreen®-certified chemicals in this machine from eco-chemical pioneers Garmon Chemicals. These ingredients give a lightly faded and super soft hand feel without any harmful substances or use of precious resources.

With the combination of BCI (better cotton initiative) cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and elastane, these lightweight super stretch jeans will have you going from WFH to yoga, no wardrobe change required. 🌱♻️🌿

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